A brand for kids, the earth and the community

BoomBoom is a brand born from the desire to offer well designed, affordable and sustainable clothes for kids.

Having been a manufacturer in the garment industry for over 17 years, we have seen and experienced first-hand the struggles and short-comings of this industry. From the sweatshops in third-world countries, toxic dyes, pollution, and the straight-up crooked philosophy of an entire industry, it became obvious we could do better.
That we HAD TO do better.

We want to offer a better alternative. We aim to build a business based on sustainability, minimum environmental impact, socially and professionally ethical, inclusive and fair for our employees and our clients. All this, while still offering quality product from material locally made and sourced, at a fair price.
This is our vision and this brand is the first step towards making it real.

Fast fashion
April 20, 2019

Fast fashion

Do you buy a ton of clothes each years for your little ones? The fast fashion industry has not spared the kid part of this business.

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